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IP Systems

IP-Based Video Solutions.

If you currently have an existing analog-based surveillance system, ITS LLC can help you transition to an advanced IP-based solution. These systems are faster, easier and cheaper than analog CCTV systems.  AI, tracking and motion detection on IP-based systems allow you to monitor your building and receive push notifications from wherever you are.

Award-Winning AI Features.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition extracts features of a captured face and compares it with those in the database to effectively count and filter people.

Human and Vehicle Metadata

Video metadata technology can detect, track and capture images of people, vehicles and non-motor vehicles.  It saves up to 28 attributes of a given target to a database for easy playback searching.

People Counting

People counting can track and process moving targets to compile a detailed report of people entering, leaving and currently within a given area.

Stereo Analysis

Stereo Analysis uses multiple 2D images to virtually create a 3D space. This allows the system to recognize certain behaviors in a set area like violence or a person falling.

Smart Tracking

Smart Tracking controls the pan/tilt/zoom actions of the camera to automatically track humans/vehicles in motion and to keep the target in the scene.

Heat Maps

The heat map function demonstrates two types of heat map charts based on the number of people and average stand time.  Most useful for retail shops to easily analyze customers preferences.  Data can be easily exported for reports.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Network cameras (also known as IP Cameras) transfer video data to a network video recorder or local storage and are controlled via a network address (IP address).

Yes, wireless cameras are possible but keep in mind they still require power and will either need to have a battery, or have a power cable run to them. For this reason we only recommend wireless cameras as a last resort if a wired camera is not feasible.

In general, modern systems can be configured to any way you mount them. Outdoor installations are not a problem either thanks to weatherproofing and integrated heating elements.

Yes. You have the right to know what’s happening in your company at all times. You must inform employees about the installation of one or more cameras. In the case of stores, there must be a corresponding notice on the entrance door.

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